Plus size models are generally between 5’9” and 6’ tall, while petite models are less than 5’8” tall. In both cases, plus & petite modelling professionals do not seem to match optimum credentials of say a runway model of size zero and over 6’ tall. It is not surprising, however, for specialty brands to look for plus or petite models for an assignment. They find themselves usually on magazine editorials, showrooms, print campaigns, catalogues, and online publications.

Plus size models wear size 10/12 to 14/16 and in some cases over size 20. Petite models meet all the criteria of fashion or runway models except for the height. Clients often look for specific appeal and will go to great lengths to find unique talent in a petite or plus size model. Some amount of experience is an asset that removes the need to get in touch with many clients. Popular models are recognized for specific reasons and are likely to get similar opportunities repeatedly.

Try Out Different Online And Local Agencies

It is common for specialty models to introduce themselves at open calls taking place once a month. Age may or may not play an important role depending on the type of assignment. It is understood younger models are bound to get more assignments. Basic portfolio consisting of head and body shots must be accompanied with basic details such as name, age, and other criteria complete a comp card.

It is possible to upload information through an online portal to some international and big agencies dealing specifically with the plus & petite modelling industry. At this stage, basic information is needed to generate interest and gather information regarding job potential and opportunities. Models are required to be shapely, so aspiring candidates must approach agencies in attire that highlights their figure.

Bold And Positive Attitude Required To Connect With Clients

Depending on the location, it is possible local agencies do not cater to the plus & petite modelling industry. Aspiring models can use the online medium to get in touch with as many agencies and clients as possible. For example, a client may ask for applications to promote specialty products. If a model fits the criteria, the best option would be to apply directly and meet the client personally.

Find A Niche To Start Off

Modeling is not all about being attractive. A professional model with great personality and attitude may have a better chance of is succeeding in a composite field as compared to an aspiring runway model. Intelligence is rewarded, and the ability to communicate effectively to large audiences is recognized as an asset, especially when trying to convey information about specialty products being introduced to the market for the first time.

Plus size and petite models must try to find a niche for themselves. Go through magazines, catalogues, online resources, local trade and promotional shows to get a better idea of what is needed and where models of similar stature and personality fit in the world of modelling.

Preparing early for a career in plus& petite modelling will go a long way in helping models learn how to cultivate good skin texture, physical fitness, and social etiquette.



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