What Causes Puffiness Around Eyes?

Puffiness around eyes is caused by fluid buildup, which is also called inflammation. There could be several things that cause the fluid to build up in this particular area. Ultimately, the fluids are noticeable because the skin in this area is particularly thin.


Poor fluid circulation is sometimes a cause. People who have circulatory problems or cardiovascular disease are more likely to have fluid buildup in various parts of their body. If you often retain fluid in your hands or feet, you may want to talk to your doctor about this issue.


Excessive salt intake upsets the fluid balance. Salt or sodium gets into your bloodstream after you eat salty foods. The salt pulls fluids into your bloodstream and raises your blood pressure. When this happens often enough, the tiny blood vessels beneath the skin may start to leak. If the area looks dark and puffy, leaky blood vessels could be the problem. The darkness is caused by hemoglobin and waste products that leaked from the blood vessels.


Age is another factor, because the skin becomes even thinner and contains less collagen. Collagen is largely responsible for the skin’s firmness. If the area around the eye seems to sag when it is not puffy, then collagen loss and decreased growth of new skin are the likely culprits.

Preventing Puffiness Around Eyes

Preventing puffiness around eyes may be easier said than done. If you usually eat salty foods late in the evening or right before bed, you might want to choose something else to snack on.

A banana or other potassium rich food would be a good choice. Potassium has the opposite effect of sodium. It promotes fluid excretion, rather than fluid retention.

You can try raising the head of your bed slightly to help keep the fluids from gathering around your face. The quality and quantity of your sleep is an important factor. If you toss and turn all night, you will be tired in the morning and it will show on your face.

Sleeping more than 8 hours may contribute to fluid retention. Sleeping less than 8 hours may have the same effect as tossing and turning all night.

Solutions for Puffiness Around Eyes


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