How To Show Your Outside Beauty 2/2


Develop Beauty In:

  • Find wisdom.

The person who maintains inner wisdom and lives life wise principles will radiate beauty and become a blessing for those around him. Wisdom is never immediate. Wisdom is a growing process ad there is always something better to learn.

-Ponder or think about your actions. You can learn a lot if you take the time to do nothing but just think either by mediation writing notes, or just admiring the beautiful scenery in the park.

-read the works of the wise. You can learn a lot from novel writers, poets, or historians. Reading can help you gain knowledge and put your idea into perspective.

-Listen to the ideas of people you respect. People working in the same field as you, involved in a healthy relationship can help inspire your everyday life.

-Be more cultured. Watching foreign movies, learning a new language, or going to a museum once a month can help you gain an appreciation of how the world is and make you wiser.

  1. Be generous.

You need not be rich to develop a spirit of generosity. Donate something for charity regularly, though you can only give a little.

  • If you can not give money or possessions, be generous with your time. Open the house and share food, tea or a bottle of wine with friends.
  • Vacation is the perfect time to enter into the spirit of generosity. Visit neighbors or older family members, reward the less fortunate or prepare a meal for someone you’re used to with
  1. Find spiritual truth.

You may be a faithful follower of a religion or may not believe in a specific divine concept. Instead, you find spiritual satisfaction in creating artwork or spending time in the midst of the beauty of nature. You will be thirsty with the spiritual side if you focus too much on rules and dogma or if you only want scientific truth rather than spiritual truth.

  • Find ways to see yourself as part of something bigger so you can be more sympathetic to your fellow human beings
  • Visiting a new place or a place that has a beautiful view can help you do this step.
  1. Ignore the bad feeling.

Your feelings are important because they can tell you what you like and do not. However, if you are constantly nurturing an unpleasant feeling, then it will poison the soul.

  • Take control of emotions. If you are angry at someone, do not let that anger become hatred or resentment. Go into the backyard and yell, call friends and swipe your heart, or follow the kickboxing class. Then forgive the person. Be a big-minded person and make smarter choices later on.
  • Make a problem solve if you really need one. If you want to share your feeling with someone who hurt you because you think that way will solve the conflict, then the step is right to do. However, if you just want to shout at someone or release unpleasant feeling from within your chest, you better write down those feelings. Unproductive or eve one-sided arguments will only make your feelings worse and remind you of those negative feelings
  1. Be as it is.

Tell me what you mean. Run life according to your values. Express your opinion in a polite way. Do not pretend to be someone else for the benefit needs you for what it is.

  • Be careful what you are. Part of being a beautiful person is knowing when you should take care of your tongue. Here are some situations where you do not have to say what you mean


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